Easy Notes v1.1.87.1107 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download


Easy Notes v1.1.87.1107 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

Easy Notes – Notepad, Notebook, Free Notes App, brings users to the world of the most beautiful and convenient notes. You seem to be immersed in the beautiful note lists by the color system; the utility arrangement interface promises to help you in work, study, and entertainment. You can make annotations with images, audio, and text like countless other note-taking applications. In addition, the feature of pinning important notes is handy.

Usually, when it comes to note-taking apps, we all associate and think of doing it in writing. However, when Easy Notes brought a considerable breakthrough, users had to change. In addition to using text, as usual, you can use images in the gallery or capture directly from the phone camera for users to quickly visualize and identify work. You can even use sounds to set up personal notes.

Let Easy Notes help you make a difference in each note page, and each different list will have its own color. Specifically, users can use the default wallpaper or wallpaper with their own images, the application to create a list. Besides, the text is displayed in various colors, which helps you not to be confused when looking at a particular list.

A groundbreaking feature has just been launched that makes Easy Notes famous in the market. Now, you can use the note pinning feature with significant, urgent notes that need to come first. As such, that note will automatically appear on top when you activate the use of the reminder app you can’t forget. To find the most important notes, you no longer have to look at all your notes on one page or even multiple pages.

The things you need to do during the day, the list to shop,… are the content that the majority of users of the application. They remind you to do and complete before the end of the day, so instead of users having to check and access the application often, now, we give you the notification and reminder feature. When this feature is enabled, all your note selections will be reminded on a scheduled basis.

To make it easier to control notes, you can arrange the order for them to be the most reasonable and easy to understand. Currently, this application allows you to sort by many different criteria, including time, the most recent notes will appear first, and so on until the first note, you take. In addition, you can also sort them by color by personal default, assuming red is essential, black is less important…

Easy Notes allows all your unfinished notes to be automatically saved without adding another save operation, which is very convenient for users who are forgetful careless or their phone suddenly runs out of battery. This is considered an optimal feature that is trusted and used by a large number of users. Besides, if you need to share the catalog with your friends, choose the sharing feature in one note with different formats.

Easy Notes is a free mobile application that allows users to take quick, detailed, and valuable notes.

Easy Notes – Note pad Notebook Easy Notes – Note pad Notebook
In a note-taking app like Easy Notes, it’s essential that the interface is easy to use and that the items are displayed. The beautiful, neat, modern, clean, easy-to-see note board will attract everyone’s attention and be easier to notice when observing. It also makes people more eager to check out their work for the day. Your notes can be displayed as a grid or in a top-down list. You can also touch and move to a different location on these modern “notes” to change their order. As you change or add time to each task, the order of the tasks in each note changes automatically. You don’t have to think or plan for anything; enter some basic information and let Easy Notes take care of the rest.

If you only have a few or a few dozen notes, that’s okay. But what if you take a lot of notes every day or have a lot of work in progress? Only some things end, but some things, such as significant projects, continue monthly or yearly. At this point, the application’s intelligent Notes and To-do list management feature will come into play.

Easy Notes – Note pad Notebook Easy Notes – Note pad Notebook
You can quickly put your notes in different tabs in Easy Notes before or after you create them. You can also set up your notes and to-do lists as calendars, making them work with the app and show up quickly on the daily calendar mode. By default, the app can also put notes and To-do lists into groups based on the type of work, when the note was taken, and the task length. You can quickly search based on these when you need them.

To make a difference that needs your attention over time, you can choose a different background color or texture for your notes and To-do lists. This is seen as both a way to customize the app and a feature that shows how vital Easy Notes is to the look and feel of the notes. Not only that, but the app also offers a Reminder feature that will sound notifications when it’s due, so you always complete all tasks.

Notes and to-do lists can reveal much personal information, especially to people competing with you or who don’t like you. Therefore, the security or backup of data is always necessary and must be planned from the beginning. When you use Easy Notes, all your notes and To-do lists are synced to Google’s cloud storage. If you accidentally lose your device, you don’t have to worry about losing your notepad. You can also share notes or add new information to a notebook in the Cloud from anywhere, anytime, and then sync it back to your device or vice versa. The app also has a Notepad Lock feature that allows you to keep your notes private with a password. In addition to the app lock, users can set passwords for important notes to prevent others from reading them.

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Easy Notes v1.1.87.1107 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

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