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Lords Mobile v2.113 MOD APK + OBB (Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked) Download – Lords Mobile: Tower Defense is a game that combines many gameplay from construction, management to tower defense. You will have yourself a kingdom where players will find ways to develop it and confront many different enemies. At the same time, the combat mechanics are also entirely accessible, so you will spend time combining the skills of the cards and upgrading them to overcome many different levels. It will be a long journey that the player will go through.

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense
In Lords Mobile, players will have for themselves a kingdom in a world of upheaval and war. At the same time, entities like dragons also entirely exist, so the role of heroes is something indispensable. You will take the first steps to build up the opponent to fight the enemy after the battle in the early game and find ways to build the kingdom elements you are asked to.

If you do not know what to do in this game, you will see a quest system at the bottom of the screen, and you will know the requirements that you need to achieve in the game. It is perfect for those learning the mechanics as these requirements will appear in many aspects of the game. Specifically, you will need to upgrade your gate or complete a certain level. So, after the upgrade is complete, the exciting battle is waiting for you.

The second gameplay that you experience in Lords Mobile besides building is participating in battles with enemies. Of course, you will not control a specific character to fight enemies but will summon troops to protect your base. The game screen will be divided into two, and the left side is your base. The path connecting the two bases of the player and the enemy will have a blue path. This road will get longer and longer, and you can build facilities or summon troops on it.

You will have yourself a certain number of cards, and next to them, there will be an energy block with the amount of energy that will increase over time. Each card will consume a certain amount of energy, so you can summon minions or use the card’s power. At the same time, the use is straightforward when you need to drag it to the position where the blue path reaches. So you can summon minions near the enemy base if that path can reach there.

You will not only use two basic cards in the early levels of Lords Mobile, but you will unlock many different types of cards. At the same time, you only use a certain number of cards to participate in the game screen, and their rewards will be new cards with many exciting features. Cards that you can use in the game include troops, buildings, skills, and many other elements. You will need to find cards of the same type to increase their power.

One of the valuable ways that players will enjoy but consume many resources is to open chests. You will be surprised with the rewards that the chests bring, and you will also see the amount you receive. At the same time, in the upgrade section, you will know how many cards of the same type you need to improve the card’s stats. Therefore, this is the element that will consume a lot of time for players. It is a game you won’t want to miss.

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How do you feel if you are in a severe critical war and have to save your Kingdom? From childhood onwards, we played many war battle games, but sometimes we felt bored and did not feel realistic.

So don’t worry; install this unique & thrilling Lords Mobile: Tower Defense game and enjoy the realistic war environment.

The ruling and controlling of the warrior and the Kingdom is complicated.
Here you must select one hero to play this war game among the various heroes.
There are plenty of heroes available in this fantastic Tower Defense game.
Every hero has unique skills.
In this game, every player should need a real hero and a faithful Lord who can make or unite the kingdoms.
To do this, you must recruit heroes from various locations and backgrounds, from steampunk robots, dwarves, and mermaids to dark elves, and assemble your army in this magical world.
To establish your empire, you must fight and conquer.
To win the war, you should maintain one thing formation.
You must implement the best strategy, build a better formation to attack the enemies, and provide a solid defense for your Kingdom.
And also raid the castles and imprison enemies.
Thrilling rallies and the hunt monsters with advanced magical skills.
Compared to the old version, it took some modifications to place like- added shield, army talent to hell driver, dragon arena adjustments, optimized guild fest, workshops like added Forge supplies, optimized Moonster hunt UI, and Auto use to Labyrinth and Kingdom Tycoon.
Enter the war of the world:

Like other tower games, you can collect and upgrade cards and mix and match the various stages.

Defeat the evil enemies with your best strategy.

Collect Artifacts:

Here you must discover the most precious ancient Artifacts in the Artifact Hall and upgrade and enhance them to unlock more powers.

Key Features
Powerful heroes with unique skills await.
Utilize the Troop Formation
Build your Kingdom to attack the evil enemies
Clash Online with the global players
Best animated battles and the forge alliances.

MOD Info
Auto Battle PVE
Unlock Vip 15 Features
Army ATK +10%
Army DEF +10%
Army MAX HP +10%
Travel Speed +10%
Player Exp Boost +50%
Food Production +25%
Stone Production +25%
Timber Production +25%
Ore Production +25%
Gold Production +25%


Lords Mobile v2.113 MOD APK + OBB (Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked) Download

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